This article, The Arabella Chronicles: Setting Sun, was written by I iz guy. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Awww, damn it. I hate what I have and I'm starting over. Here goes.

"Nightmare didn't come close... it was horrible.
Jacinto was gone, along with all hope.
All hope, but Arabella."


After the events of Gears or War 2, both the COG and locust had completely lost their foot hold on the planet called Sera. With Jacinto lost, there was very little hope for man kind. All that was left was a couple useless, empty, war-torn cities. But there was one other one. It was once one of the biggest cities under COG control. After the bloody horror we call E- Day, the city was abandon and forrgoten. But now, in this desprate hour... this last city... Arabella... it may harbor hope.

Act 1Edit


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