You sons of bitches! You killed him! Arggghgg! - Billy after Samuels death

The Chalkhut brothers were strong and hard fighters. They even faced off against the Elite Boomer Group before. The brothers were well known and would sacrifice themselves for anyone.


The brothers names were Billy and Samuel. Samuel was the oldest and fought with a Lancer. He was like a father to Billy. Billy fought with a Longshot and Magnum. He always stuck with Sam and they always pulled through...nearly always...

Samuels Death

Sam and Billy had made their way to the train deck leading to the locust pit of imulsion. While Marcus and Dom were fighting RAAM, a Beserker appeared about to crush an unaware Billy. Samuel, with loving care, threw himself at Billy to stop him getting hurt. The Beserker then crushed Samuel and turned to Billy. Billy was shocked and distraught. With hatred and anger, he ran to the back of the train and lead the Beserker off. Billy, wishing to join his brother, then pulled out his magnum and shot himself in the head. Billy was now with Samuel in a safer, kinder place.

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