Created immiediantly after the UIR's surrender, many of the nations of the union did not want to completely surrender to the COG. A secret bunker deep in a mountain range within the nation of Pelles (who were the main funders of the project) secretly transported many people and millitary personel to the facillity. The architects of the facility designed it to wistand Hammer of Dawn bombartment that saved their lives from the Hammer of Dawn Counterstrike. Large ammounts of millitary grade equilment was stored along with special food synthesizers (however the food was made for nutritional value, not taste). All other procossions were done to ensure it to be a self sufficient city that would survive any COG invasion (the mountaints it was in protected it from Locust e-holes later). .

                                  Resugence of the UIR

They discovered the New Hope Reearch Center they hoped to create a new army, however Remnant's attempts to copy the technology in a way to create soldiers failed. The creatures defeated the garrison stationed there. The project was scrapped. resulting in openly revealing themselves to the COG claiming to be the "Remmnant of the UIR" after the Lightmass Offenssive. They showed great friendship to the COG, including sending weapons with no charge as a sign of alliance. Even when the Locust returned stronger they simply replied with the philosify to "just kill more and walk it off".

               ==Jacinto's Remmenant==

With the COG on its last leg, the Remmenant flooded the lands with their massive armies. After seeing the squabling Stranded General Sakalo gave the famouse quote "they can go to die, or they can fight" conscripting the Stranded they came across giving them weapons and armor, with the penalty of death for insubortinance. They sent hundreds of Hybrid "Packs" to help the COG which resulted in the Battle of Chileon Hill where they massacered thousand of Lambent and dozens of Locust.

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