Gears of War- The Survivalists

This is NCF fan fiction. Though no outright violation of the canon is to be broached.

Abstract: Four CoG soldiers of tentative importance to the service are scattered across the Bokera mountain range deep inside enemy lines. The Gears can spare one man, a man known as The Clydesdale, to dig out the doomed soldiers. The Gears can get him in, but his getting out will depend on his ability to rescue every man.


Clyde The Clydesdale Henry A Black Ops marine 10 yrs service and one of two surviving members of the original Dead Rose Company. The Clydesdale is hard to miss. At 7'4" and 405 lbs he draws a crowd. But he's no bumbling giant. A once celebrated athlete, drafted in four professional sports, he abandoned life as a pro athlete for his first love, music. His band, Big Ole Beast, a groove band, had a string of hits but were more notorious for being the tallest band on record--no member smaller than 6'4".

Born and raised in northwestern Sera in a town known as Massakin in the Bokera mountain range, he bears the region's other distinct features besides his height--the firey orange hair, (and the refusal to crop it according to CoG code), the bushy beard and the nearly indecipherable accent. Interestingly, there is a lost history between the tribes of the Bokera mountains and the South Islands as some of the tribal markings are strikingly similar.

The Clydesdale joined the CoG near the end of the Pendulum Wars and served there with the Dead Rose Company. He is on record as the only Gear to have engaged a Boomer in hand to hand combat and won, and he wore the jaw bone of his victim around his neck until the original DRC was destroyed. He is a fearless man and quick to laugh and is unconcerned with the rites of his fame.

Major Charlie Bunch

Private Cristo Marascalco

Private Wade Sweetwater

Cptn (pilot) Thomas Pitney AKA Sundown

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