Theron Scout
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  • Torque Bow
  • Hammerburst Assault Rifle

Bolo Grenade

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Human-Locust War


Locust Horde

"Man, would you look at that!
Look at how we cut up this bitch!
Uh, thats not a Theron Guard
Then what is it?
I don't know
— Dominic Santiago, Augustis Cole, Damion Baird and Marcus Fenix upon their first encounter with Theron Scouts.

A Theron Scout is a Locust military rank for the Drone species. While being a high rank, it is the lowest rank in the Theron series of ranks. Unlike Guards and Sentinels, Scouts tend to use Hammerburst Assault Rifles and Bolo Grenades and discover enemy positions for a squad of guards to move in, hence the name scout.


Theron Scouts were first created around about the same time as the Guards and Sentinels, the Scouts would serve as a cheap, effective way of spotting enemy positions and eliminating the threat, proving to be better than the screaming wretches. Scouts proved to be effective, but as they were not trained aswell as their superiors, they made several battlefield mistakes which lead Lambent Locust to Locust positions. Theron Scouts were used to discover the Human major cities before Emergence Day. They proved to be more effective against Humans than Lambent Locust, and in 8 A.E, all Theron Scouts fighting the lambent were reassigned to Surface Battle Affiliations (or SBA).

Battle of EphryaEdit

Theron Scouts served underground after hearing radio contact between Delta and Alpha squad, they warned the Theron Guards of this news, and were turned down to aid. The Theron Scouts we reassigned back to the surface. The Theron Guards were unable to stop Delta from activating the Resonator, so the Scouts decided to ambush Delta on their departure from the Hollow. Several Scouts ambushed Delta squad shortly before their King Raven arrived to take them to East Barricade Academy, but they failed. Since 8 AE, scouts had no sucess in their campaigns, which had resulted in so many Locust defeats. General RAAM himself threatened to dissolve the Scout rank if they did not suceed in the Battle of Ephrya. With the Scouts failure to sabotage the King Raven with an explosive device (a nemacyst with several needles slowly coming towards it's skin), General RAAM wrote a letter of recommendation to Queen Myrrah, explaining the Scout's failures acorss Sera over the years. Queen Myrrah accepted this claim, and all remaining Scouts (except the ones serving with the Guards and Sentinels on the Tyro Pillar) were quickly being converted into Grenadiers or promoted to Theron Guards. Some of the final scouts were then slaughtered by Lambent Wretches while attempting to kill the driver of the Tyro Pillar, which General RAAM did with no trouble. The very last of the Scouts were killed by Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago when they killed the Reavers, aswell as the Scouts on Reavers attempting to support RAAM in his final fight.

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