Biographical Information
Date of Birth

6 BE

Date of Death

Won't anytime soon

Physical Characteristics




Miscellaneous Information

Alive and well


Yes as shocking as it seems he is indeed a sniper. Deemed too small for a Theron Guard (and at only 6 foot 2 inches, he was short by even drone standards), he was exiled for many years. During those, he discovered his skills of unnatural speed and accuracy, and he honed them with all the time he had until one day, a Locust Recon team was sent to a Fort Mitcham, recently taken from Gears but by an unknown force. The Locust arrived to find only little Grilgar hiding out there. He was again brought (against his will) back to the hollows where he was dumped with Va'asch, as his squad was lacking a competent marksman. Va'asch specifically chose him over the thousands of other faceless monsters for his qualities and his problem, he wished to see the younger Locust safe. He was seen as a freak, due the the snake like voice that all Therons have, and his small size as well. This causes problems whenever they encountered the higher ranked locust, and inevitably sped Va'asch's decision to desert. He also wields a blade, similar to RAAM's dagger, instead of a pistol. His small size and speed only increase his deadliness with the weapon. He wears the trademark goggles of a sniper, however they are C.O.G issue, found with other surprisingly good equipment at the base of Fort Mitcham.


  • SPECIALTIES: Sniping, Survival, Stealth
  • PREFERRED LOAD OUT: Long Shot (Later a custom built Snub Shot), C.O.G Rail Rifle and Barbed Blade

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