Tia Findlay
Date of Birth 23 Years before E-Day
Date of Death Still Alive
Date of Death believed to be AB+
Gender Female
Height 5' 2
Weight 165lbs
Race Human
Occupation Stranded
Marital Status Single
Relative[s] Parents - Alive but unknown location
Status Active

Tia Findlay is a 25-year-old stranded (at the time of the Blackout of 2AE), and Kurt Whitcomb's girlfriend. She currently lives with Kurt, Paul, and Gabs in their 3 bedroom home in Pithodi (Kurt and Tia sleep in the same room, Paul sleeps in another, and Gabs in the last one).


At first glance, Tia appears to be very childish, but despite the young and enthusiastic outside, she can immediately change her personality to be serious when needed. Tia is very straightforward, and refuses to "candy coat" the truth; if she has something to say, she makes sure she says it. She is somewhat secluded from the rest of the town, and usually sticks to herself or with Kurt.

Other FactsEdit

  • Tia loves the color purple, and even has an amethyst necklace.
  • Tia is wiccan, which is why she remains secluded from the rest of Pithodi.
  • Tia makes small amounts of money by telling peoples fortunes through Tarot Cards - this business thrives due to her strangely accurate predictions.

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