"RIP THEIR ARMS OFF HEATENS" Torent forming what little english he knows to comande his locust brethren to kill a group of cogs


height: 7ft 8in

weight: 250Ibs

eye color: black

race: locust theron

Sex: male

Birth: unkown

personal weapon: trengrak fayemit (trinitys hammer)

Torent is a high ranking locust leuteinant that brutaly tortures his enemies on the feild impaling them dismembering them or even tie them up for the kryll. A sick and twisted Warrior he is he was the first to bring butchers into a battle, and he always leads the fight pesonaly so that he might exact his vengance on humanity for what they did to him.

trinitys hammer

weight: 1708Ibs

height (handle to head) 6 ft 5 in

The hammer was crafted from the finest ores and imulsion available. it was rewarded to him for the highest kill count recorded exceeding RAAM's own Torent's being 3576 kills. Sin has run into this paticular leader multiple times and both of them have grown an emence hatred Sin's hate compeled by the loss of his sqaud and Torent's by sheer hate of every human.

editors note: thanks again if you read my stories and character bios. i dont paticularly like this character beacause he thins the story and makes it feel evil guy good guy classic argument and thats not what deaths embrace is about.

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