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Date Founded

167 B.E.


150,000 as of 5 A.E.




Coalition of Ordered Governments


Turin was a major COG city located near the Jacinto Plateau in Tyrus. While Turin was a relatively normal city prior to Emergence Day, after the outbreak of the Locust War and the Hammer of Dawn Counterattack, strategic military and industrial assets critical to the survival of the population of the Plateau and the surrounding regions were relocated to Turin, as was the case with most cities in and around the Plateau. However, in 5 A.E., Turin would be attacked by the Locust, and over twelve-hundred Gears were put to the task of defending it by the officer in charge of the city, Colonel Francis Killebrand. However, Killebrand's orders would ultimately doom the city, costing the lives of over one-thousand soldiers. The city would ultimately be lost, with the remainder of Killebrand's forces turning on him and attempting to evacuate the city, and Killebrand would ultimately die at the hands of the Theron Sentinel Gornuk.

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