SGhalftrans This article, Tyrant Raven, was written by Anonymous ONI agent. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

The Tyrant Raven was an upgraded gunship variant of the King Raven helicopter designed by Clayvale Heavy Machinery. Originally meant to be for the reestablished COG as a whole, Clayvale seceded from the COG during the Tyrant Raven's final design stages, and as such the Tyrant Raven is only used by Clayvale's Confederation of Ordered Governments, much to the Ephyran COG's frustration.

The Tyrant Raven features a more powerful engine than the King Raven, allowing for greater speed and lift than its predecessor. The size of the troop hold has been reduced to make room for the larger engine and increased fuel and ammunition reserves, accommodating four Gears maximum as opposed to the King Raven's twelve. The Tyrant Raven features stub wings flanking the troop hold, carrying 74mm rocket pods and two Vulcan gatling guns. The troop compartment is normally fully enclosed during flight, however, it can be opened to allow usage of two chainguns which fold down from the troop compartment ceiling. A 25mm cannon is mounted to the chin of the aircraft on an automated swivel, allowing the Tyrant Raven to provide supporting fire while flying circles around a target location, rather than relying solely upon head-on passes.

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