Valka Korge fighting

"Stupid Humans! I will kill very single one of you!" Valka at the beginning of the Battle of Blood.

Valka Korge is another descendant of Skorge, along with Raskka. He is a normal soldier of the Locust, and serves under the Queen.

Story Valka started training at the age of 23, learning to weild his Boomshield with chainsaws covering the front. His first battle with the COG was okay. He killed a couple, revived a few. Then it happened. A lambent beserker killed half of the locust. Valka bravely started shouting. The beserker turned round and charged. Valka jumped in the air a headshotted the beserker with a Boltok Pistol. He raised in the ranks to Commander of the Kantus. He then entered the Battle of Blood.

Battle of Blood At the Battle of Blood, Valka urged his soldiers on to attack the COG. He ran into battle, barging and impaling soldiers with his shield. He was then stuck with a Grenade. Then nothing but black swarmed his eyes...

Aftermath Valka woke up in a tunnel, used to heal wounded Locust. He looked at his arm. Half of it had been blown off by the grenade. He sighed. The locust healer came in and said "You're awake. Fantastic. But I'm afraid it will take you a year to heal fully."

Armour The Locust commander wore a long cloak, made of the bones of his enemies. He weilded a Chainsaw Boomshield, and a Gnasher Shotgun.

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