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Victoria Beckham
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Victoria Beckham was born from parents she rarely came into contact with. Her father wasn't present for most of her childhood, due to his status as a Gear in the field. As a result of this, Victoria's mother was forced to raise her by herself and often treated Victoria very badly, abusing her on several occasions. Finding the young woman she called her daughter useless, Victoria's mother shipped her off to the breeding farms in Jilane, like many other women who were sent to the breeding farms in Jilane to produce more children for the COG to maintain the war effort. At the age of 13, she was raped by the facility's Director on several occasions. At the age of 16, they tried to artificially inseminate her so she would produce offspring. The attempts failed and they attempted to impregante her with more traditional methods by several other suitors. At the age of 18, she was declared barren and released from the breeding farms in Jilane.

Victoria decided to follow the path of her father and join the COG army, training excessively at the Academy. She worked hard for several years at the Academy and in command, making the rank of Major. She was placed at a desk job away from the hellish chaos that was in the field due to the fact she was a woman. It was because of this that her superiors attempted to take advantage of her sexually. She refused to let such things happen, as a result several of the men suffered wounds that left them maimed.

When troop shortages became a very reccuring subject in command, Victoria volunteered for active duty on the front lines. She was placed into the Reconnaissance wing of Command, performing special tasks that required her unique skills.


A totally dedicated soldier, Victoria a very cold person, and she rarely displays any emotions other than for those under her personal command. She is highly intelligent and very observational of any situation she happens to fall into. She has no known living relatives and has a very unique british accent, her voice is very soothing to those she talks to over the Tac/Com.

Locust-Human WarEdit

Victoria was assigned to Foxtrot-1: a Gear reconnaissance unit deployed to the outskirts of Jacinto. Her mission is to collect movements of Stranded and Locust alike near the outskirts of the city.

A helping handEdit

Victoria is also equipped with a heavily modified Jack-of-All-Trades Robot named Albert. He is a small utility robot designed to act as a general-use assistant. Originally developed for a wide array of applications from medical work and electrical repairs to data analysis. Despite his simple AI programming, Albert seems to be very attached to Victoria, beeping happily when greeted by her.

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