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Vito Rodriguez
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

8 years before E-day

Date of Death

N/A; Not listed as KIA

Physical Characteristics

6' 2"


234 lbs





Blood Type

AB +

Miscellaneous Information

" I've spent my entire life fighting the Locust. Nothing is safe from them. I'll employ every weapon I can to destroy my enemy, and I will take no prisoners in the process. I am a personal friend of Dominic Santiago, one of the best C.O.G. soldiers around.. He's looking for his wife, Maria Santiago. I wish him the best, but he refuses to believe she's dead.. I guess we'll find out sooner or later..."
— Vito Rodriguez

Pre E-dayEdit

Vito Rodriguez was walking home from school when an emergence hole opened up and swallowed his entire house, killing his family in the process. Locust forces quickly tore apart much of his beloved city, killing anyone who stood in their path. A lone police officer managed to save Vito and evacuate him to a King Raven Helicopter for departure. The same police officer was killed assisting other families into the King Ravens, Vito never forgot the man for his brave actions.


Vito in his standard COG fatigues


Vito Rodriguez is the newest squad member placed under Lieutenant James "Howell" Stratford's command. He is one of the last COG Gears who managed to complete his entire training program during his time in Jacinto before being shipped to the front lines. He has also developed a close friendship with Alexander Philip Webster, despite him being decribed as "wiseass and a dick."

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