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Wayne Ogle
Biographical information
Date of birth

42 years before E-Day

Physical description
  • Major (5 years pre- to 1 year post E-Day)
  • Private (10 years post E-Day)
  • Gnasher Shotgun
  • Torque Bow
  • Boltok Revolver
Chronological and political information

Gear Commando


Coalition of Ordered Governments

Wayne Ogle was a Gear commando during the early Human-Locust War. He faked his death in one mission and led a Stranded group in a struggle to survive and remain independent from COG control, although eventually becoming part of Iota-Nine after a definitive stand for a friend.


Pendulum WarsEdit

Wayne Ogle joined the COG military at twenty years old, and showed an early aptitude for close-quarters combat and strategic thinking. Officers singled him out and put him up for advanced training, and eventually officer's training. A few years before Emergence Day, Wayne reached the rank of Major, leading his commando squad on high-risk missions in the Pendulum Wars.

E-Day and the Hammer OffensivesEdit

Present at a first site of Locust Emergence, Ogle denied orders and immediately opened fire on the new creatures. The officers who had waited to see if peace could be first opened up were killed by a Corpser digging its way up from under the Command Post. As hundreds died, Ogle fought and took back the APC garage, evacuating a few hundred Gears and civilians.

A little over a year into the Locust War, Wayne saw firsthand what power the Hammer of Dawn had, and just how far the Chairman would go. Using a grenade explosion, Wayne faked his own death and wandered the land where Locust and COG didn't want. Eventually, he met refugees and took up a place of refuge along a river in an abandoned town, which was renamed 'Survival'.

Recruitment to IonEdit

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