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Weston Meyers
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

18 A.E.

  • Frederic Meyers (father)
  • Rebecca Meyers (mother)
  • Charlotte Meyers (sister)
  • Elijah Simms (uncle)
  • Juliana Simms (aunt)
  • Ronald Simms (cousin)
Physical Characteristics
Eye Color


Hair Color


Skin Color



6 feet, 3 inches





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information





Active as of 42 A.E.


Originally from one of the reformed COG's northern settlements, Corporal Weston "Wes" Meyers (COG tags CSID 3F777S-FD98R-YL) left his home and his family to join the Clayvale Army, to serve as a Gear like his father and uncle before him.


Early LifeEdit

Weston was born to Rebecca and Frederic Meyers in Bloom of 18 A.E., only months after the end of the Locust War. While his father had served as a Gear during the war, he hadn't seen much combat, having mostly been assigned to sentry duty, guarding well-defended bases and stockpiles. However, his uncle on his mother's side, Elijah Simms, had seen plenty of action serving under war heroes Colin Davis and Craig Randall. Weston grew up enamored with the stories Simms would tell him about the war, and consequently idolized the COG and its Gears.

However, in 31 A.E., his uncle's home city of Clayvale seceded from the COG, forming its own Confederation of Ordered Governments, leaving Weston and his family unable to visit or contact Simms.

Joining the Clayvale ArmyEdit

Determined to become a Gear like his father and uncle, after completing his schooling Weston was faced with a difficult choice: join the Coalition military (which meant commanding DeeBees and little opportunity for actual combat duty) and stay with his family in Settlement 3, or make the dangerous trip south to Clayvale to join the Confederation military where he could serve as a frontline Gear. Against his parents wishes, Weston ultimately chose the latter. In early 37 A.E., Weston began his trip south by oxmule, braving Outsider raiding parties, DeeBee patrols, and Windflares on his journey to Clayvale.

After roughly three weeks of travel, Weston arrived in Nosberg, a small Confederation protectorate settlement. Hesitant to trust an armed stranger who appeared out of the woods asking to join the Army, local Confederation troops took Weston into custody and brought him to Clayvale aboard a King Raven.

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