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Private William Howell is a fictional character created by the user, Fun University. ( Name intended as a joke.) He is a Gear that is stranded in Ilima city after his squad is killed, and he joins up with a group of stranded and helps them out in turn for food, doing various tasks such as sniping Locust patrols near the camp with his Longshot. He is later found by Tai Kaliso and is issued new armor. He customizes it with Kaliso's help, adding a knife and a second and third pistol pouch. It also has a third magnetic plate, allowing him to carry three guns on his back at one time.

Overview During the time he spends with Kaliso, Will begins to learn a lot about South Islander culture. He is facinated with the religious and social teachings Tai practices. He is officially added as an honorary member of Tai's family by Kaliso himself, and from thast point on, Tai calls him "Brother".

For most of the rest of Will's career as a soldier, he and Kaliso worked as a pair with out any other Gears in their team, which was called Delta Two. From time to time they would go on missions with Marcus and Dom, but they weren't officially teamed with any other soldiers until the assault on Landown. The new members of Delta to were Sergeant Wolfe and Private Ryan.

As "Lola", the rig that Delta Two is riding on pulls into Landown as is destroyed by tickers, Will is presumed dead. Only Tai walked out unharmed. Unbeknownst to Tai, Will survived with a broken leg and minor burns. He was later found by a squad of retreating Gears' and was evacuated to Jacinto via King Raven helicopter. After Marcus and the other members of Delta sunk Jacinto, will was evacuated on the same Raven as Colonel Hoffman, Anya, and Cole.

Fighting Style Will has used two pistols at once during his time with Kaliso. He even fires them in two different directions at once. He carries a Lancer, a Gnasher, and a Longshot at all times.(along with his three pistols.)He is on of the few Gears in the COG that is adept in firing two pistols at once, holding one in each hand. He has three pistols, two Snub pisols, and one Boltok. He loves to get up close and personal with his enimies, using his chainsaw or Gnasher to rip enimies to shreds, but he is also an excellent sniper. Hoffman stated this about Will: "I've never seen a more all around skilled Gear than Private Howell."

Trivia Will is the main character in the fanon that Fun University is currently writing. (An article will be added as soon as the fanon is complete.)

Will's name was inspired by SPARTAN-043 WILL, from the Halo storyline.

Will's armor looks like a cross between Hoffman and Dom's armor.

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