William Reynold
Biographical Information
Date of Birth

20 years befor E-Day

Date of Death


Marital Status

Alyssa Powell


Mark Reynold, Daniel Powell, Gaberiel Powell †, Alixe Powell, Sandra Reynold, Timothy Reynold

Physical Characteristics

5.11 feet


201 Pounds





Blood Type


Miscellaneous Information



Will was born and raised in Jacinto,Sera he is the youngest for of three brothers and was the smartest of them too. Will is an expert shot with the Gnasher Shotgun and is a close combat specialist. He is also very skilled with the Lancer Assault Rifle.

Family in COGEdit


Mark Reynold

Mark, primarily skilled in Sniping is Will's brother and also being one of Will's squadmate in Ink Squad. Mark and Will are close brothers and would protect each other with their lives, no matter the odds. Will also has a step brother, Gaberiel, in what was formerly Alpha squad. Unfortunatly Gaberiel panicked when Alpha met up with Delta and heard the Berserker, thus leading to a brutal and painful death.


Will is an all around good soldier, however he prefers to use the Lancer Assault Rifle and Gnasher Shotgun. He is skilled with the Hammerburst as well and is a decent shot with the Longshot. Will is an expert Field Medic as well which comes handy in a multitude of times.


Will may be able to do Field Surgery and be able to rip a man to shreds with a Chainsaw bayonet but he is not Superman and has a few flaws(Superman also is useless against Kryptonite anyways.). Will is a horrible shot with the Gorgon Pistol, he claims "It's too chunky". Will is also pretty bad with the Torque bow, and he despises the Ink grenades used by Kantus and other Locust.

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