Xavier Ambrose
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an ex-COG gear, Xavier Ambrose is 6' 3",and weighs 289 lbs. he has black dreadlocks, and a greying goatee. His face is withered with many battle scars. He is of hispanic descent


Xavier Ambrose was one of the most decorated COG soldiers to ever appear on the battlefield. His first taste of war was 5 years after Emergence Day, when he enlisted at the age of 19. He joined in order to support his ailing mother, and his 2 sisters, as his father and elder brother had been a few of the many casualties during E-day. He was originally assigned to Bravo Squad, where he was mentored by Edge Dorado, a veteran Gear and Locust Intelligence Specialist. for the next few years he learned many things from Dorado, including skills and tactics that were extremely efficient against the Locust Horde. almost seven years after after Emergence Day, during a salvage mission in Montevado, Bravo Squad recieved news that a locust raid had obliterated a nearby town, whose inhabitants included Dorado's family. this drove Dorado, the unoffical leader of Bravo Squad to near insanity. Dorado deserted the COG shortly after the incident, due to an altercation he had with General Hoffman. With no leader, Bravo Squad quickly disbanded, with the members assimilating into other Squads. Ambrose was briefly reassigned to Alpha Squad, where he was assigned with fellow gears Damon Baird and Augustus Cole. During his membership with Alpha Squad, Ambrose recieved news that his hometown had been invaded by loucusts, and that his family had been taken as war prisoners. Soon after he learned of this event, he quickly deserted the COG in order to locate his missing family.


After his desertion, Ambrose retired his old COG armor, and donned a more durable, lighwieght, and mobile armor he created after doing extensive research on previous COG armor models. his new armor, simply dubbed "Prototype Gear I" still retains a few aspects of his old CoG armor, such as the COG symbol, though now its located on the back of his armor, and is coloured black. The armor also has a light greenish tint to it, as opposed to the standard grey. His weapon inventory includes a sawed-off Gnasher Shotgun, an enhanced Lancer with a larger magazine clip, Torque Bow and duel Gorgon Pistols.

Post Lightmass Bomb (present)Edit

Ambrose was last seen in a Locust Horde nest , attempting to hijack a beast barge, in hopes of locating his still-missing family. he has occasionally been spotted on the battle field, assisting gears in their battles against the Locust. he has also been rumored to be searching for his ex-squadmate and also rogue ex-gear, Edge Dorado.

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